Wendys Restaurant Manager Caught Stealing from Safe.

In an unexpected turn of events, the manager of a Wendys restaurant in Middletown Township is now facing charges of theft for reportedly taking money from her own business. Let us get into the specifics of this late-night theft and how the story went.

Wendys Restaurant: The Strange Burglary

Wendys Restaurant Manager Caught Stealing from Safe.

A heist late at night shocks everyone at Wendy’s in Middletown Township!

The event happened in Middletown Township at night, when it was mostly quiet. A mystery break-in made a Wendy’s restaurant the center of attention. Around 5:14 a.m. on October 9, the police got a report of an overnight break-in, which led to a quick reaction.

The Empty Safe Locked doors, turned off alarms, and $1,500 gone!

As soon as police arrived at the scene, they saw something very disturbing. The door to Wendy’s was open, the alarm was turned off, and the safe, which should have had $1,500 in it, was found to be empty. The store manager reported the break-in, which made people think that only a few managers knew the alarm and safe codes.

Wendys Restaurant: Surveillance Shows Who Did It

Wendys Restaurant: Video shows a woman in a mask stealing from Wendy’s safe!

To get a better look at the case, police got surveillance footage from a nearby company. A woman in a mask was seen parking near Wendy’s and going into the store. The woman successfully opened the safe and stole the money, which was caught on Wendy’s own surveillance cameras.

Wendys Restaurant: Linking the Dots: The manager’s car was found to be the getaway car!

The story got more complicated when the manager who reported the crime saw that the suspect’s car belonged to another Wendy’s manager. Now, suspicions were focused on someone inside the restaurant, which added a layer of shock and denial.

“A Twist in the Tale.” The manager is caught in a lie: is he sleeping at home or taking money?

Surprisingly, during an interview in November, the suspect, Latasha Shaneeta Powell, 38, of Upper Darby Township in Delaware County, first denied having anything to do with it. She said she wasn’t guilty because she was sleeping with her daughter at home when the break-in happened. But more research showed that something wasn’t right because her car was seen on a license plate reader going toward Bucks County on Market Street in Philadelphia at 2:40 a.m. on the day of the crime.

Admitting and Feeling Bad About It

The manager admits that the money was stolen and offers to return it.

Powell finally told the police she was involved in the burglary as more and more evidence pointed to her participation. She said she was sorry and said she did it because she was having a hard time in her life. She also offered to return the money that she had stolen.

Legal Effects: Charges and bail for Wendy’s boss!

Latasha Shaneeta Powell was charged with burglary, theft, and receiving stolen goods, which are all very serious crimes. Even though the charges were very serious, District Judge Daniel Baranoski let her go on $2,500 free bail.

The alleged theft by the Wendy’s manager has shocked the community, leaving people confused and wondering how someone who was given the keys to the store could break that trust. As the court process continues, the town is still dealing with the effects of this sudden and bad event.


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